Intelligent Server System

Version: 1.0.1
Servers start automatically when they are needed.

Intelligent Server System (ISS)

The "Intelligent Server System" Plugin starts servers when they are needed.


How does it work?

The plugin calculates, based on the number of players and the available slots of a group, whether another server is needed.
The gamestate of the server is also included in the calculation. If a server has a gamestate, which is specified in the config, it will not be included in the calculation.

Config file

  "ignoredGroups": [
  "_comment": "Read how to setup on the plugin page!",
  "ignoredGamestates": [
  "ignoreGamestate": "false"

ignoredGroups: Groups that should not use the system
ignoredGamestates: Gamestates which should not be included in the calculation
ignoreGamestates: If true, all gamestates will be included in the calculation

Setup of a group

To setup a group, you have to edit the file "groups.json" in the "config" folder of your cloud.
Find the group and change the value in "execPercentage". This value have to be an integer that indicates the percentage of how many players should start a new server.


2 Servers are online - together they have 20 Slots - on both Servers are 5 players
So the servers are 50% full.

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